About us

Stored2Ship LLC was established to provide services to online sellers.
Many sellers located in Asia trade with customers in the United States.
These Asian sellers provide great products for very attractive prices.
But the negative side for American shoppers is the delivery time, which usually takes about a month.
Often, this drives potential customers away despite the low prices.
This is where Stored2Ship LLC can help.
Our services may boost your sales and revenue, providing a better experience for your customers.

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What we do

Stored2Ship LLC provides warehousing and fulfillment services for online sellers located outside of the United States.
We store your products in our warehouse and ship them to the customer when you request it.
It will be delivered to your customer in the United States in a few days.
No need anymore to worry about warehousing - we provide it to you!
Customers will prefer working with you, as the obstacle of long time delivery does not exist anymore!
Make your customer happier with fast delivery of your great product!

How it works

1. Register an account with Stored2Ship LLC and
login to Stored2Ship website
2. Calculate how much it will cost to store your items in our warehouse
3. Send your items to our warehouse
4.When your items arrive, they’ll be entered into the Store2Ship database.
You can login to your account to see the status of each item.
5. When any of your items are sold on AliExpress or Ebay or any online marketplace
login to your account and request a shipment
6. We’ll send you a confirmation email, or you can login to your account to view the confirmation.
Estimate the cost to store your items in the Stored2Ship warehouse
Q: How soon will my item be shipped from the warehouse?
A: We ship fast - usually your request for shipment will be processed immediately upon receipt of the request.
Your package will reach your customer in a few days.
We are small business and we work with each customer individually.
Q: What are the shipping prices?
A: We do NOT charge any additional fee for shipping. All you pay for shipping goes directly to the carrier.
Every shipped item gets tracking number, which can be found on our website.
Q: What if my customer wants to return the product?
A: Not a problem! Just have your customer ship your item back to our warehouse.
Please see the Stored2Ship LLC User Agreement if you have questions.
Q: I have a question, which is not listed here.
A: Please Contact Stored2Ship LLC - we will be happy to answer your questions!



With Stored2Ship LLC you will be able to ship within United States or virtually any destination.
We provide you with access to lowest, deeply discounted prices, which you will not be able to get individually

Customized Services

If you ever need our staff to verify the condition of your products when they arrive at our warehouse: let us know and we would be happy to do it for you.
If your product requires special handling or wrapping - just contact us!


What if your customer wants to return a product?
Currently, most of the seller are ready to lose their product because of shipment costs back to China.
When you use our service - you don't lose your product anymore.
Just have your customer ship it back to our warehouse!


Estimate how much is to store your items in Stored2Ship LLC warehouse.
Please use calculator on the right side.
Enter dimensions of the box you are planning to fill with your items and send to Stored2Ship LLC warehouse.
This will be the volume you are using at Stored2Ship LLC warehouse


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